Brahmaji’s festival in Vrindavan


By editor - 22.2 2018

Ranganath Temple in Vrindavan celebrates Brahmaji’s festival of thanks to Lord Vishnu

Vrindavan, Brahmotsav festival, which is celebrated at this time every year in Vrindavan’s Shri Ranganath temple. The festival  is also known as Rang ji’s ‘Rath ka Mela’ because Thakurji is taken out on a rath (cart) in the morning and spends the day sitting in His garden, before returning in the evening.

According to folklore, Brahma, the creator of universe, first conducted this festival by worshipping Lord Vishnu, to thank him for providing protection to mankind. Since this festival was started by Brahma, it is known as Brahmotsava in different parts of the country.

Thakurji’s rath is different on each day of the ten day festival. Each day, a different carrier (vahan) is depicted. Yesterday, Thakurji came out on a swan rath.

The beautifully decorated rath is pulled by temple devotees and accompanied by vedic chanting. Children are attracted to see the spectacle by the toy and food stalls that are set up on the street leading to the temple. At dusk, the rath returns to Rang ji temple and the crowds on the fairground create the lively atmosphere  of ‘Rang ji ka mela’.

Brahmotsava celebrations are considered to have a cleansing effect on the temple and the devotees. It is said that even the great demigods like Brahma and Indra wait eagerly to participate in the Brahmotsava of Lord Vishnu, so the festival is important for all Vaishnavas.