Guru-parampara: The List of 32, Part 21

BY: ROCANA DASA - 21.9 2018

Biographies of the Sampradaya Acaryas


Relatively little information is available on Madhava Tirtha's life. He is 8th on the List of 32, and was the third acarya in charge of Madhvacarya's math after his departure. Previously he lived the life of an ascetic. In one famous pastime, he founded the city of Vijayanagar after the discovery of a huge amount of hidden treasure. As an ascetic in the mountains, he blessed the shepherd Bukka to become a king, which he did, and Madhava later served as a minister under him.

He wrote commentary on the Parasara Smrti called Parasara Madhva-vijaya, and some other books have been accredited to him, although there is some confusion about this, because his name is so similar to Madhvacarya's.

Generally speaking, we find few points of comparison in his recorded pastimes that allow us to draw a parallel between he and other members of the disciplic succession, including Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada is credited with very extensive writings, direct worldwide preaching, and the establishment of the ISKCON temple at Mayapur Dhama.

Again, what is important is not the one-upmanship of comparing apparent successes or external signs like the numbers of temples, devotees, or even books. We are after an understanding of the comparable transcendental qualities that result in these great personalities being included on the guru-parampara List of 32 Sampradaya Acaryas. When considering Madhava Tirtha's recorded pastimes, clearly Srila Prabhupada's pastimes are likewise exalted.